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Generations Family Tree v8.5a

Generations Family Tree v8.5a

Ref: GEN85A
We have now sold our last copy of Generations as the publishers of this software have decided that they no longer want this to be available for sale. The good news is, existing owners of the program may continue using Generations even on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Click below for instructions.

If you were planning to use Generations for the first time I would definitely recommend that you look at Family Historian 4 rather than starting with such an old program as Generations.

Generations has been a brilliant piece of software for genealogists and in all probability may have been the best program available for a number of years. Other programs in the past have never quite been able to match it, in all of its functions. However the program has become increasing more difficult to support and has suffered interference from many other programs over the last five years. In addition to this the authors of a much newer program 'Family Historian have made a great effort to build into their version 4 many of the best features from Generations and in our opinion have now come up with a product at long last that is better than Generations. This has only happened in the last 12 months despite the fact that Family Historian has been around for over seven years. We are now confident in recommending Family Historian 4 as a replacement for Generations and it has received several awards for being the best software available for Family History and professional genealogists.

Please take a look at Family Historian 4 (released April 2009). It handles images in a much better way than any other family tree program and almost has the complete functionality of your old program.The new version 4 looks very much like the Generations program including images on the family screen. If you are ready to add photographs to your Generations database then changing to Family Historian is highly recommended as it is able to handle images in an extremely clever way.

You may download a 30 day trial version of the new Family Historian and import a copy of the Gedcom file that Generations is able to produce from the file menu in your old program. If you have an old Generations file and you are not able to open it or produce a gedcom file then we can do this for you for 25

Have a play with your own data in Family Historian and see what you think. Family Historian 4 trial download Testing with the trial will give you the opportunity to check how your source data transfers over.

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Generations Download

Ref: GEN85

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