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Technical Support and Advice

We no longer provide telephone support for the software we sell but we are happy to reply to emails. Click here to email us for support and advice by e-mail.

We are normally able to answer most questions immediately or at least within a working day. Sometimes research is required in which case we will get back to you as quickly as we can. If we do not know the answer to your question we will say so and will point you in the right direction for self help support from the manufacturers, or will endeavour to do so on your behalf. For lots of self-help information click on the following individual program links.

(updated August 2007)

Whilst somewhat out of date (March 2017) this next section gives a little information and links to help for what was once a leading Family Tree Program much loved by genealogists around the World and still used by many.

The latest version of Generations is version 8.5a, released by Genealogy.com on the Broderbund label (19.95) (2002). Only v8.5a is compatible with recent versions of Windows such as Windows 2000 and XP. We have now received plenty of feedback from customers indicating that Generations v8.5a also works on Windows Vista (see below for a couple of issues and workarounds).

None of the Sierra releases of Generations such as v4.2, v5.2, v6.0, v8.0, v8.5.1 (and versions in between) are compatible with Windows XP or Vista. People encounter all sorts of weird problems such as not being able to install, DLL errors, not enough memory errors, and not being able to print charts in colour.

Support for Generations is good if you know where to go. In addition to our own free unlimited support (by telephone and e-mail, normally 8am to 5pm Mon - Fri), we recommend that you use the following free facilities. Generations is now owned by The Generations Network/Genealogy.com, and was previously owned by Sierra Home (part of the Vivendi group of companies).

Visit Mike Hobart's Generations Tips

Visit the Generations forum hosted by The Generations Network/Genealogy.com, the owners of Generations.
Generations Software Forum
Just browse through the questions and answers already discussed or ask your own question. You are likely to receive a quick reply on the forum from another user who knows the answer, or from a Generations expert (usually Tony Beardshaw) who is keen to help.