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History, Topography & Directory Of Bedfordshire & Huntingdonshire 1862

History, Topography & Directory Of Bedfordshire & Huntingdonshire 1862

Ref: BDF1862HUN

The directory sections for the two counties are preceded by a section describing the History of England. The original book contained folded maps of the two counties. These have suffered some damage but are perfectly legible. The maps are too large to scan in one piece on an A3 scanner so have each been scanned as two overlapping tiles which have subsequently been stitched together. The folding and damage to the maps made it dificult to obtain perfect stitching so each map is presented on the CD as the two scanned tiles and the stitched version. The two Directory sections begin with historical and topographical information for the counties as a whole, followed by detailed entries for towns and villages within the counties. The volume is completed by an Appendix, Index to the Directory Sections and four pages of local advertisements.
Some of the scanned pages appear not to be straight. This is a feature of the original book rather than the scanning process.

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Price: 16.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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